fresh beets


Why isn’t this beets.com?

Well, beets.com is $550,000. But the real reason is that beetss sounds cooler.

Who invented the beet emoji?

The beet emoji was dreamed up by Thomas Woodside. But he didn’t actually draw the emoji – that was his friend, Nicholas Beninato. This might get ugly if Beetss is ever a billion dollar company.

I don’t see a beet emoji on my phone?

That’s because it hasn’t been approved yet. The question above was written in light of the inevitability of its approval.

So…why does this site exist?

Somebody sent me a photo of a Quiplash prompt that said “an FAQ question on www.beets.com”. Well, here it is. An FAQ question. On www.beetss.com.

Is this really a valuable use of your time?

Maybe. It might not have a high probability of success, but think about the expected value. Value of what, exactly? We can figure that part out later.

Why beets?

Did you know that some questions don’t have answers?